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Working out is one of those necessary evils. As much as I would rather sleep in and not work out,  I love the results and how it boosts my mood and energy level.  So I've decided to buckle down and make working out a daily priority.

The start of my routine begins with a morning stretch. I've been practicing yoga inconsistently for around 5 yrs and I found this awesome sequence that I've been loving. It really helps work out all the kinks and prepares me for the hard work ahead.  

morning yoga sequence/>
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After loosening up with this yoga sequence I move on to a circuit workout for cardio.  I'd love to be able to do this entire sequence but I'm just starting out so I'm at the half way point before I need to stop.  I find it hard to get motivated to work out so I've discovered that gym memberships just wont work for me.  Eventually I stop wanting to drive to the gym, wait for machines, etc.....So being able to work out at home is key.

at home circuit workout list/>
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Strength training with weights is also important and I alternate cardio days with weight lifting routines...but that's a post for another day.

  • What are your favorite ways to workout from home? Workout DVDs? Walking outside? Circuits?
  • What websites are your go-to websites for quality at-home workouts?


  1. I like to do a Pilates video. :)

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