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I am very, particular, when it comes to home decor (and spending money), I have to really, really like something to buy it and then I keep the tags on, just in case!  I live in a craftsman style house that I am attempting to re-decorate. 

My plan is to swap this not-so-flattering blue recliner (yuk)....

with a beautiful more modern accent chair like this....

West Elm::

Also, this coffee table has got to go!!

I'd love to replace it with something like this wonderfully simple and modern box frame coffee table also from West Elm (unfortunately it's currently on back order 'till March!)
West Elm

I'm thinking of using these lovely trays as night stands in my guest bedroom( but that's for another day).  
Butler Tray Stand

Jasper loves to watch me decorate!

What are your decorating goals??