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Who doesn't love peanut butter and jelly?  What about oatmeal cookies?  Definitely two of my favorite things!  Lately, I've been starting my day with a healthy homemade version that combines the two.  In this recipe I'm using organic whole berries, organic almond butter, walnuts and gluten free oatmeal.  Making your food at home is an excellent way to control the amount of sugar, fats and flavor in your food!  I think everyone in your home will love this recipe!!


1\2 Cup Oatmeal ( I used gluten free)
1    Cup water (Can substitute milk or other dairy free, I like to use almond milk)
1\2 tsp cinnamon
1\4 tsp vanilla extract
1\4 Cup dark berries (I used blueberries, raspberries and blackberries)
1    TBS nut butter (peanut, almond, cashew etc. you choose!)
5    Walnuts (chopped)

Make oatmeal according to your package directions.  In my version I combine oatmeal and water and cook in the microwave (you have to have some shortcuts in life = ) ) for 2 minutes, then I add the cinnamon and vanilla and microwave for another 30 seconds.  While that's going, I mash the berries with a fork to make my jelly.  Now its as easy as putting it all together.  Top the oatmeal with the nut butter and jelly then sprinkle with walnuts and it's ready to enjoy!

Super easy, kid friendly, quick and yummy!!!  Feel free to play around with different combinations of berries, fruits, butters and more.  The combinations are endless!!