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I've been redecorating parts of my house, which is taking a lot longer than I thought!  I'm now on to the guest bedroom.  It's a somewhat small room, only large enough for a full size bed and a few pieces of furniture.  I've been scouring the internet for bedroom decor that is clutter free and will make this small space feel larger.  One of the obstacles with this space is that it has one large window on the far wall. The way that I have it set up right now is with the bed directly under the window. Here are the few inspirations photos that I've found.

This is cute, if only I had an A frame!

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 I really like this faux headboard with rustic doors; very earthy and homey feeling!
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 Love this color scheme; simple comfortable and organic  

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This one is tied for my favorite! It's so simple and looks so comfortable.
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This is my other favorite. Super simple yet with chic stylish accent pieces.
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I love the look of simple effortless style. I'm a fan of subdued monochromatic earthy color schemes with touches of sparkle and color for interest. 

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  1. These are all nice spaces. Very simple and clutter free.