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FRIDAY FIVE-Things That Make Me Say Yeah!

My new Moop bag, the Paperback! I know I raved about this on Instagram and Facebook already, but it truly is awesome! I love supporting small business and this shop is high quality!

Awesome food blogs! If you love good food, and who doesn't, go check this site out, you will be so happy.  In Pursuit of More has delicious recipes and photographs, every pic makes me hungry!

Cute sayings! I love an awesome card and this one was too cool! I mean, it's talking about food but so much more. I wish I remembered the brand but I found it at a wonderful little cafe market in Laguna Beach called Zinc.

Photos of the moon at daytime. In general I love photography and I've been making a big effort to improve my skills. This was taken with my iphone because I didn't want to miss the shot to get my DSLR. This was a beautiful site, the moon was stunning against the silhouette of the trees, simply gorgeous.

Last but most definitely not least, hanging out with best friends, being silly and sitting in egg shaped teal chairs of course! I love teal!

Thanks for stopping by! What is something your grateful for today? Let me know in the comments, thats where the magic happens!

Have a wonderful weekend! (My sister gets married this weekend after 26 years of being with her partner!)

xo, Carol


DIY Silver Leaf Foil Moleskine Notebook

I have always love Moleskine notebooks but for some reason I have never owned one.  Well I finally did it, i bought them!! Now to decorate and make them my own with some silver leaf foil.  Here's how I did it.

Start with your favorite Moleskine notebook (or any other) blank book.

Apply adhesive in your favorite pattern. I chose stripes and triangles. I like using the pen that comes in a kit with the foil. I got mine from Michaels.

Gently lay a piece of silver leaf over the adhesive and tap down with a soft foam or bristle brush. After you've waited 5-10 min for it to become tacky lift off the strip of foil and you should have silver foil attached to wherever you placed your glue. Use your brush again to gently tap the silver onto the adhesive just for good measure. 

Gently rub off the excess foil with your brush apply a glossy sealant and your done! I used a clear glossy sealant from Valspar. I changed my mind about the triangles, so i just reapplied some glue and foiled over those gigantic triangles. No need to aim for perfection. I like the little pieces of peek-a-boo purple through the foil.

Have fun with your pattern and make them your own! I carry mine around with me in my purse for all those brilliant little notes that I don't want to forget : )


FRIDAY FIVE-Things That Make Me Say Yeah!

My new succulent holder, a recycled DIY project coming soon to the blog. 

Calypte Collection supporters and making jewelry for them! Find these earrings here

Finding new iced tea flavors, I have a slight obsession with iced teas, ok maybe not so slight. 

The new to me iPhone wallpaper from Cotton & Flax you can download here

Last but never least, my crazy fun friends who are hilarious and are teaching me to scuba!

Thanks for stopping by! What are five things your grateful for? Let me know in the comments, that's where the magic happens!

Have a great weekend!



A Little Weekend DIY

I had so much fun this weekend! My bestie and I got to hang out with Chelsea from Lovely Indeed and Kelly from Studio DIY. We hung out at West Elm LA for a little geometric garland creation fun.

 Have you heard of a Cronut? Well let me tell you! A croissant-donuts hybrid, what could be better? Croissants are amazing and I have a weakness for donuts so the marriage of the two is like a gift from heaven! 

We meet some really fun people at the event. Blogger Jaime from Paint The Gown Red, Christina from Cascadehermann, and Andrea from Legal Miss Sunshine.

I just love makers, crafters, DIYers! Look how talented they are, our gifts (just for attending) were packaged so cutely we didnt want to open them. Ha!

We had such a blast! I'm excited to attend more event in the future!  This event was posted through Skillshare, a very cool site where you can meet and learn and do with fellow makers. Have you attended any events through Skillshare? What did you learn? Let me know below, I'd love to check them out!