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Organizing Calypte Collection

Hello there! Calypte Collection had a wonderful 2013 and an awesome December. Sales were high and I was super busy making and packaging all your orders. As elated as I was to be so busy, deep down in the depth of my psyche there was this nagging unrest and discomfort. Now here's why. I have to admit I've never been particularly good at organization. I'm a perceiving personality type. You ever take the Myers Brigs personality test? Well I'm an INFP. Which means I'm creative and I like to collect information not organize it. BUT everything can be learned and achieved as long as you work at it right? Your thinking, why is she talking about l this?"  Well, by the end of December my work space was swamped with jewelry supplies,papers needing to be filed and much more. So much that if you didn't know I had work desks you wouldn't believe that I did because you couldn't see them. 

We'll, this is no way to run a business or your life. When things aren't organized and in order there will always be struggle. Trying to find things, loosing something you just had, it's all very frustrating. It will zap time away from all the fun things or everyday things that need to be done. 

So I decided to take January off from the shop and focus on getting my work space and other areas of clutter in my house organized. I made to do lists of all the areas of my house that need decluttering and I tackled the biggest areas first and now I'm working through all the little areas. 

Here is a picture of my new work area. I didn't take a before picture bc it was just too embarrassing. I got the idea for the desk from this fabulous blog by Lia Griffith, shes amazing! Really easy to make with the help of Home Depot, Ikea and Target. I'm working on the decoration of the walls to personalize a little more but it's almost done. So I'll make this my before photo and I'll post the final when I've got all the misc things organized and decor up.  I will be back in production mode with Calypte Collection by the end of February for an amazing 2014. Success feels great! Being organized and efficienct is a wonderful feeling. I didn't know what I was missing!

Are any of you like this? Do you have areas if your house that are super unorganized. If so, make it a goal to work on one section every weekend and work towards a better, clutter free space. You'll love the results!

Have a great day!!


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