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FRIDAY FIVE-Things That Make Me Say Yeah!

My new Moop bag, the Paperback! I know I raved about this on Instagram and Facebook already, but it truly is awesome! I love supporting small business and this shop is high quality!

Awesome food blogs! If you love good food, and who doesn't, go check this site out, you will be so happy.  In Pursuit of More has delicious recipes and photographs, every pic makes me hungry!

Cute sayings! I love an awesome card and this one was too cool! I mean, it's talking about food but so much more. I wish I remembered the brand but I found it at a wonderful little cafe market in Laguna Beach called Zinc.

Photos of the moon at daytime. In general I love photography and I've been making a big effort to improve my skills. This was taken with my iphone because I didn't want to miss the shot to get my DSLR. This was a beautiful site, the moon was stunning against the silhouette of the trees, simply gorgeous.

Last but most definitely not least, hanging out with best friends, being silly and sitting in egg shaped teal chairs of course! I love teal!

Thanks for stopping by! What is something your grateful for today? Let me know in the comments, thats where the magic happens!

Have a wonderful weekend! (My sister gets married this weekend after 26 years of being with her partner!)

xo, Carol

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