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Weekend Food Truck Fun

Food trucks have been all the rage here on the west coast.  Gone are the days when food truck meant the white van  that stops outside your work for 10 minutes when the noon bell has rung.  I could not be more then thrilled that truly tasty, handmade, gourmet, food from wonderful down-to-earth entrepreneurs travel the streets all the time!!  What's even better is when they all congregate in a central location and call it a festival!!!

Here I have just enjoyed scrumptious bites from all kinds of unique food vendors! My favorite was the chocolate covered strawberry ice cream on top of the best I've ever had waffle!!

I chose to wear my latest chunky chain necklace creation that I like to call THE LYNX a totally versatile and fun necklace! I colorblocked two different shapes of chunky chain in monochromatic colors  to make one continuous infinity necklace. An interesting and fun twist on ombre!

Have a great weekend!!! ♥ Carol

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