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When I was a kid I loved going to the beach, getting in the water and swimming in the waves.  I also loved how my hair had awesome beachy waves when I got out of the water!  As an adult, I still love the beachy wavy hair look and I want to share with you a product that I use and absolutely LOVE. John Masters Sea Mist Sea Salt Spray

I try to only use all natural, chemical free, organic face and body products whenever possible and I use this one almost daily!  My hair is now super thick and very straight so  I primarily use this spray to give my volume and that extra touch of texture necessary for styling.   I've tried other sea salt sprays but I keep coming back to this one because it has organic lavender in it which is great for protecting your hair from the dryness salt gives you.  Also, I try to only wash my hair every other day, so on the second day I just add a few spritz of my sea salt spray to absorb any excess oil and I'm good to go.

 Now if your anything like me, your thinking "...hmmm salt, lavender and water, I can do that!" Being the crafter, creater and penny pincher that I am, I often make my own sea salt spray cause it's sooo easy! Here's all you need:

♥ 1 clean spray bottle. 8 fl. oz. to 10 fl. oz.
♥ 8 fl. oz. of distilled or filtered
♥ 1 tsp. finely ground sea salt.

♥ 3-5 drops of essential oils: I used lavender to condition and add shine, however other oils have several wonderful benefits. Ylang ylang works great for sensitive skin and problem scalps. Rosemary is great to help deepen the color of brunette's hair and chamomile brightens blonds. Use 3-5 drops.Tea Tree Oil is great for sensitive and oily scalps. If you have oilier hair, this is the great because it won't make your hair oilier or weigh it down. Use 3-5 drops.
♥You can add a little more sea salt if you have oilier/thicker hair. However, the more salt you use, the more it will dry out your hair. BUT the more you use, the "beachier" your hair will look.  Only add 1/4 tsp at a time until you reach the desired level. 
♥ Lastly, make sure to take notes so you know how much to add when you want to make more!

My favorite store for herbs is my local organic health food market, however, if I need something online or in bulk, I go to Mountain Rose Herbs, I also use Celtic Sea Salt Brand because of the purity of there product.  Not just for cooking!

I hope you all enjoy this post, show me your beachy waves and share below what oils and scents you add to your own recipes!!

♥ Carol


  1. That's cool. My hair is crazy. I should try to wear it wavy sometime.

    1. Even with my thick hair its hard for me to get it wavy but with sea salt spray it helps my hair have fullness and body. The right cut always helps too : )

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