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This winter weather had made my skin so dry! It seems like my hands have never been as dry as they have been recently. I'm a chemical free kinda gal and I look to nature and clean non toxic kinds of products as much as I can. I've been applying coconut oil and Shea butter to no avail but thankfully I figured out a solution to my dry skin woes that I want to share with you! This nightly routine has has really saved my skin!

Step 1:: Melt 2 tbs coconut oil until is runny and while still slightly warm apply to your hands.

Step 2:: wear cotton gloves overnight to seal in moisture

Step 3:: wake up with super soft, moisturized skin!!

During the day, I swear by my favorite hand cream by Weleda. It has a wonderful citrus herbal scent that is wonderful. I apply in small amounts, directly after hand washing, focusing on the cuticle area first.

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