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Motivational Hearts-How to Stay Motivated to Workout

I don't know about you but I'm not a big fan of exercise. I mean, I love the results and how great it feels afterwards but the doing, that's the hard part. 

Every few months when I'm in an exercise dry spell, I start to feel extra sluggish and then I start seeing the extra pounds come on and my clothes just not fitting like they used to, then I freak out and go all hard core with my work outs, I may even run. But then the urgency fades and I start telling myself, "eh, I eat really well, it's OK if I just maintain this weight and not workout. I mean I'm a biologist. I work outside a lot and walk around, that's enough right?" 

Any of this brain chatter sound familiar?????

I finally told myself this line of thinking just isn't working. I can't fit into my favorite jeans that I wore all the time last summer. Darn Christmas, New Years, Super Bowl parties, passing blame.

I was listening to the Jillian Michaels podcast, which I find to be hilarious, and very informational, about way more than just fitness. Anyway, she mentioned a rewards calendar that she is doing with her daughter. Every time her daughter did something good she got a sticker on the calendar. After so many stickers comes a fabulous treat. Suddenly, the light bulb went off! I figured I should give this a try with exercise. You know what, it works!!!

For some unknown reason I just can't wait to be able to put another sticker on my calendar. The workout dread talk that used to happen that was oh-so-easy to convince myself not to work out, doesn't really come anymore. All so i can see how many stickers I get on my calendar. The funny things is,  I haven't decided what I want to give myself, I'm just thrilled to see all the stickers! I found these awesome puffy hearts which I think is the perfect way to say that I loved myself that day and was being heart healthy. I think it would be a great idea to find an inspirational quotes calendar to dedicate to your accomplishment sticker journey!

Give it a try!! You could even make it a competition with a roomie or partner. See who can get the most stickers each month. 

Let me know if you give this a try in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!  If you found this helpful please feel free to share it with your friends!

♥ Carol

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